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+++ 11.03.2016: Philoktet
Landestheater Schwaben / Germany

+++ 2016: Philoktet
Jerusalem Khan Theatre / Israel

+++ 23.01.2016: Der Auftrag
Theater Heilbronn / Germany

+++ 08.01.2016: Quartett
Artistas Unidos, Lisboa / Portugal

+++ 08.11.2015: Die Hamletmaschine
Chernihiv Oblast Theatre / Ukraine

+++ 18.09.2015: Der Auftrag
Theater Aachen / Germany
directed by Paul-Georg Dittrich

Quartet: A Power-Ballad


(26.02.2013) The never-ending battle of the sexes, the battle of two wills against each other and themselves right up to complete destruction and dissolution. Müller’s adaptation of the famous novel by Laclos, “Les liasons dangereuses”, is condensed to the eternal conflict between hunter and prey, master and servant, seducer and seducted. The Amsterdam-based performance collective “Urland” is touring “Quartet” (Kwartet: Een Power Ballad) together with Naomi Velissariou through Belgium and the Netherlands, starting March 5th, 2013. All shows and venues can be found here:

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