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+++ 11.03.2016: Philoktet
Landestheater Schwaben / Germany

+++ 2016: Philoktet
Jerusalem Khan Theatre / Israel

+++ 23.01.2016: Der Auftrag
Theater Heilbronn / Germany

+++ 08.01.2016: Quartett
Artistas Unidos, Lisboa / Portugal

+++ 08.11.2015: Die Hamletmaschine
Chernihiv Oblast Theatre / Ukraine

+++ 18.09.2015: Der Auftrag
Theater Aachen / Germany
directed by Paul-Georg Dittrich / opening on 24.4. in Berlin


(25.3.09) This new website offers a view of Brigitte Maria Mayer's video installation "Anatomie Titus". The premiere of this multimedia production, which will mainly draw on Heiner Müller's treatment of Titus, is planned to take place at the Berlin Academy of Arts (Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz, Berlin) on 24.4.2009. The artist was able to engage Jeanne Moreau in this work.

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